Carimat Shop


With 1,200 m² of floor space and 600m of shelves, our Carimat Shop is a must for professionals and private individuals alike.

We have selected the best brands of tools, application and maintenance products. With our thousand references and sections organised by families of products, we have everything we need to see your projects through.


The counter >>> Tel. : 02 389 11 54

Our shop is known simply as the “Carimat shop” – it’s shorter to say (and write) than its French equivalent “Le magasin de Carimat” and also far more in line with its modus operandi:  at the Carimat shop you can find everything fast. Regulars are well aware that we search efficiently at Carimat. As soon as you come in, you will find up to four staff who will be at your service to advise you and to issue the vouchers for the collection of your merchandise. Two advisers (one of whom is a specialist in paints) are moreover at your disposal to answer all your questions and to prepare your personalised paints thanks to our “Levis ColorMix” machine (we have the complete range of 1850 Levis colours).